Integrating Bigcommerce into your current system

Bigcommerce is a highly customisable platform that makes it easy to replatform from any other ecommerce solution. Many ecommerce businesses are now migrating to Bigcommerce when their current platforms just aren’t cutting it. However, there are frequent concerns for businesses

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Creative Commercial Property Marketing

The commercial property industry is a highly competitive one, which is why it’s important to get creative and utilise all the resources that are available to you. We highly recommend investing in a marketing agency to put together your marketing

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Case Study – BYPY 2017 Creative Partner

Thursday 18th May saw the 17th Birmingham Young Professional of the Year Awards place at the ICC Birmingham. The Gala event was host to over 850 of Birmingham’s young professionals, celebrating Birmingham Future, and compered by award-winning radio broadcaster, television

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Repairing your email sending reputation

Email marketing can see a strong ROI – as long as it’s done right. Perhaps the biggest mistake made with email marketing is down to companies neglecting to look after their sending reputation. Having a good or bad email sending

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Utilising a content/marketing plan

It doesn’t matter whether you work in property or ecommerce, every business needs a marketing plan of sorts. It’s true that the nature of your business might impact the type of plan you create, but it’s important to make sure

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Social climbing in commercial property

Whether you have an in-house marketing team, or have hired a marketing agency to promote your business, it’s important to ensure you are utilising social media to boost your online presence. We’re not just talking about a tweet here and

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Why you should spend more on your commercial property photography

If you work in property, then you should already know how important good photography is for your business. It’s perhaps one of the most important marketing investments you will make, as it will lay the foundations for your whole project

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Why you should be using a CRM

Every business will have a strategy in place for managing customer relations and projecting future trends, but utilising a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is the best tool you can use for doing this. As a business, particularly if you

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What is the difference between remarketing & retargeting?

Any thriving business will utilise different marketing techniques to bring consumers to their site, and inevitably become successful. As technology rapidly grows, so do the methods we use in which to attract consumers and keep them interested. Two of these

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SaaS ecommerce is for small businesses, right?

Wrong. A common misconception of SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms are that they cannot be used in larger enterprises; however, modern SaaS platforms have continued to improve, meaning they’re more technically proficient at hosting larger infrastructures. It is true

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