Creative Commercial Property Marketing

Creative Commercial Property Marketing

The commercial property industry is a highly competitive one, which is why it’s important to get creative and utilise all the resources that are available to you. We highly recommend investing in a marketing agency to put together your marketing materials, after all it’s our job to keep up to date with the latest trends and applications useful for digital and print marketing. It’s particularly important in this digital age to make sure your marketing is effective at standing out amongst the sea of other commercial property businesses. Do not sink into the old-fashioned form of marketing by bombarding with information – with so many businesses being exposed to us via online advertising and targeting techniques, the key is to showcase what you offer in a quick and creative fashion.

There are a variety of ways you can spruce up your digital marketing to make sure your business is ahead of the rest.

Social Media

We’ve previously written about how you can utilise social media to boost your online presence and the sort of creative content you can produce, which you can read here. The important thing to acknowledge about social media is how quickly it is growing as a leading platform for targeted advertising. Create custom audiences and target visitors to your site via the Facebook Pixel. Use hashtags on Twitter to gain a following of like-minded businesses. Use LinkedIn as a tool for connecting to potential clients. There are a variety of ways to not only build the profile of your business, but also to seek out new clients.



A fantastic way to grab the attention of any potential clients or customers, is by using animation, whether that be of a map, or a building coming to life – animations instantly stand out. With so many businesses targeting us through advertising on a daily basis, a moving image is much more likely to make us pay attention over still images and paragraphs of text. They’re a creative and fun way of bringing a project to life, rather than a traditional case study. A short, 10-30 second animation is a great advertising tool for social media marketing that can showcase your portfolio in a much more interesting way.


Virtual Tours and Video Presentations

Similar to animations, virtual tours and video presentations are a much more effective way of grabbing the attention of potential clients/customers. However, virtual tours and video presentations are more to be showcased on your website once you’ve already attracted those potential clients/customers. Investing in video should be a high priority for any commercial property business, as it can really give visitors to your site a clear insight into your work. It also automatically makes you appear more committed and shows a high level of pride in your past achievements.


The key to creative commercial property marketing is to invest in the showstoppers – the elements that are going to make your business stand out and wake people up from the incessant scrolling. It’s okay to be loud when you’re in competition with so many other businesses. Invest in more creative marketing and you will see a much bigger ROI.


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