Meet the Team : Richard Peachey

Meet the Team : Richard Peachey

Kicking off our new blog series ‘Meet the Team’ is our very own Client Services Director, Richard Peachey. Co-founder of 5874, find out how Richard started his career and why he loves property so much!



No. Marketing for me was a diversion if you like. I went to University and I studied Building Surveying, which is probably where my love of property comes from.



Nothing is ever quite as planned, so having done: off licences, hotels and American restaurants, and then into marketing, I started working with my father – then we’ve decided to go our separate ways. I then went to work for a specialist property marketing agency, who are based in Birmingham. And then after I left there, I set up on my own.


5874 was born more out of necessity than desire, if you like. Rupert and I both had separate small companies, both of which were doing marketing but both specialising in very different areas. When we started to have children, as in we both started having families at the same sort of time, it became progressively clear that actually, working on your own, you need a bit of help. Quite suddenly things started to get more tricky, so we set up 58 so that we could pull our resources and work together.





Property marketing started mainly from a love of property. Whether it’s resi, commercial, offices, sheds, anything like that, I was always kind of fascinated by the process and what happened when they were doing it. So then having not gone into it from a building surveying point of view, to still be involved from a marketing aspect just kind of seemed like a natural fit to me.



I may well be the resident coffee drinker, I probably drink more coffee than most people in the office put together, but I wouldn’t describe myself as a coffee snob, connoisseur maybe, to a degree, but I’m more of an instant blend guy rather than the ritual that goes with having something special in a coffee shop. Worse case, yeah I’ll take a latte, but I’ll need an extra shot.



Every project is different, and every bit of architecture is unique in its own lovable way. If it was resi, it would have to be something like Huf Haus – just the angles and the shapes and the German high tech engineering which goes into it, is just amazing. But, if I was to have something more traditional, it would either be something Victorian or Georgian maybe, something like Chatsworth House is just stunning to look at.



Okay, another good question. Well it will probably be relatively different, we’ll all be living either underground or the moon or something else, but one thing you can guarantee is that we’re always gonna need it. Everybody needs somewhere to live, everybody needs somewhere to store their shopping habits. The online retail world isn’t gonna change overnight. Everybody needs a big shed and we all need somewhere to go to work, whether its remote or an office. It’s not going to go anywhere, it’ll just evolve.