Meet the Team: Marlena Platkowska

Meet the Team: Marlena Platkowska
Meet the Team

We interview 5874’s Digital Marketing Intern, Marlena Platkowska. She tells us all about why she decided to go down the internship route as part of her Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations degree and what it’s really like to work for a digital agency.


I joined 5874 back in July 2018. I am a 12 month intern. My role is a mixture of everything within the agency. I mainly work alongside Michelle who is a Content Specialist. Depending on the day and what the needs are, my jobs here vary. One day I write reports for clients, the other I am a social and blog writer and some days I design for our clients.


I feel like the business industry has become more competitive. With more people going into further education, the bar is set pretty high. I feel like getting experience in the industry within my degree will not only help me improve my skillset but also give me a good idea of what life could look like for me after graduation.



I had no idea what to expect. Hearing different things from people made me a little scared. The last thing I wanted was to spend 12 months of my life making tea and coffee for people in an office, which is what happens a lot of the time during things like internships. 5874 has give me the opportunity to explore the marketing industry from many different perspectives and I am forever grateful for it.


Seeing the business expand and being able to be part of it, but also the extraordinary team which has been built. With all the jobs I have had in the past, I can honestly say that the people I have met here have inspired me on a different level. 5874 is the real definition of a “dream team”.


I try not to plan too far ahead. I will focus on my studies before thinking what to do after I graduate. It would be great to continue working in a similar environment to which I am in now and expand my knowledge and skills. Who knows, maybe one day I will have a marketing agency of my own!


I want to say all, but anything Beyonce will always have me dancing.


Too many to choose from. I definitely have a sweet tooth, so Cosmopolitan or a Chocolate Martini!


BOTH! Depends on my mood, but I will happily eat both.