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Flo & Joe were already running on Bigcommerce, but it was an outdated version that didn’t have the improved functionality of the latest Bigcommerce platform. They came to 5874 confident in their branding, but in need of an update that would modernise their site and create a much smoother user experience.

Using the Stencil platform- the new Bigcommerce theming engine – 5874 were able to create a sleek storefront and a fully-responsive site while maintaining the Flo & Joe brand. Stencil allowed for more customisation so 5874 could configure the theme features, such as filtering of brands and categories that would also help with conversion rates, as well as general ease of use.

The new site still resembles the core of the Flo & Joe brand, sticking to its colour theme, but 5874 have created a modern and effective Bigcommerce site, one that evokes sophistication and style while promoting a straightforward shopping experience. Having given Flo & Joe a new lease of life, they have since embraced their revamped design by creating banners that fit with their new theme.

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