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Having worked with Innovation Birmingham for the past three years, IBL approached 5874 to help them redevelop their website, and associated marketing material, to meet their ever-changing needs as Birmingham’s leading provider of Start-up Support, Events and Office Space.
The Objectives
  • The campus has several, very different products to promote in Start-up Support, Events, Office Space and a continuously expanding offering of buildings and product services. These needed to be displayed in a clear and coherent manor.
  • Flexibility for future growth and development.
  • Clear calls to action to drive enquiries.
  • Security and redundancy.
  • Agency support and hand holding.
The Results
  • A completely redesigned and rebuilt the site from the ground up to produce a fully responsive, highly customised WordPress site combined with assoicated email newsletter template.
  • Built on extremely solid foundations, the site is already under going further development and will continue to do so.
  • As with all of our enterprise sites, the site is hosted with WP Engine to get the full benefits of its rock solid WordPress specific hosting.

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