Want That Trend – An online fashion retailer showcasing the latest fashion
Want That Trend went to Bigcommerce back in April 2015, as they wanted a cost-effective way to launch their business.

They started with an off the shelf theme and then watched as their business grew very quickly. They were able to keep up with their quick success with the help of Bigcommerce’s great API’s, and its enterprise-level infrastructure, which meant they had a proven successful blueprint of a new store setup.

As the business grew, they came to 5874 wanting their first professional site to go along with the success of their brand. Initially considering moving to Magento, weighing up the benefits of Bigcommerce and realizing they had a lower total cost of ownership, they stayed with the platform for a relaunch by 5874. Making use of the enterprise features, including sitewide SSL and faceted search, we have also integrated Apple Pay with all of the above, improving conversion rates and making more sales.

5874 also re-designed the banners and the storefront, allowing for a much cleaner and chic appearance.The move to Bigcommerce platform Stencil, also meant that Want That Trend is on the most up-to-date system which will help with any future updates.

5874 are continuing to work with Want That Trend on an ongoing basis to support both their web development, and marketing needs.

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