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The Wednesday Club came to 5874 with the need for a brand and website update. They’d had the existing brand and website for a number of years and felt it was outdated. It is a side project for a number of people who had existing, full-time jobs and it was beginning to take up a lot of time as it’s popularity grew.
Wednesday Club set up a number of events a year and offer a membership for a small fee. They were handling this admin themselves and were finding it sometimes to difficult to keep track of. They needed a solution to organise all of this. They also felt a brand refresh was needed, and once we had designed their new logo, we applied this to the website design. They are a very bright organisation and this needed to show in the designs.

The most important thing they needed help with was setting up a website where payments could be taken to eliminate the admin of this, and where a digital record would be kept for them of who was a member. We introduced a way for them to have a members area and keep this all in check using the WordPress platform. They also had a need for help with their email marketing. Before they were sending multiple groups of people emails in sections, which was not ideal, so 5874 supported them with a new email marketing process.

5874 set up a system which handled their members, events, event ticketing and email marketing, making the whole process simpler and less time consuming for everyone. Wednesday club were taught to use the system by us and are now finding it’s saving lots of time.

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