Founded in 1925, Loacker are an Italian chocolatier and wafer manufacturer.


Loacker had never sold online before, neither B2B or B2C, and were looking for a platform and an agency that enabled them to launch fast and scale fast. They needed to work in an agile fashion that allowed them to move forward and develop their online presence over time. When choosing a platform, it was crucial that it was API-first, allowing them the flexibility needed to integrate with Loacker’s existing complex backend systems.


Scale: to be able to expand and further their business in new directions
Flexible: a platform that can integrate with pre-existing systems
Launch: quickly and without issue


Loacker chose BigCommerce to launch their online stores because of its open API and ability to grow alongside their business. Working with Elite BigCommerce partner 5874 to design and develop both a B2C and B2B store, Loacker now have two highly customised sites with content populated by Stibo and integrated into SAP, Dynamics and Linnworks.

The 5874 team were able to customise Stencil in order to meet the needs of the business and their customer base. Initially, the B2B site has been translated into German, with multi-language options coming in the near future. The B2C site has also been translated into Italian.

  • Two fully-responsive sites built on BigCommerce
  • Integrations with Stibo, SAP, Dynamics and Linnworks
  • Stores translated into German and Italian
  • Ongoing support and improvements