Uxbridge Industrial Park

Uxbridge Industrial Park is one of a number of schemes in West London by Aviva Investors


Aviva required support with developing and delivering a marketing strategy and campaign that promoted Uxbridge Industrial Park to occupiers and agents, from pre-construction through to construction and post completion. This campaign therefore needed a variety of marketing materials, both digital and in print, as well as a website build that would be continuously updated throughout the construction process.

  • Brand: creation of a new brand identity and logo device
  • Strategy: delivery of a successful marketing strategy
  • Support: throughout the whole construction process and ongoing

Aviva came to us for our property marketing expertise. We created a whole new brand identity, designing the logo as well as the overall design and build of the website. In order to promote the Park to the right people, we produced a variety of marketing collateral to popularise tenancy, which included brochures and site signage.

  • Distinctive branding and creative
  • CGi creation and aerial photography
  • Support at launch/promo events
  • Fully-responsive website
  • HTML email campaign
  • Ongoing Social Media
  • Signage & Graphics