Your Fitness App

Former Olympian turned personal trainer, Glen Smith, had a vision to create an app for people wanting to step into a fitness routine.  With no idea how to fulfill his dream, Glen approached us to help make his app become a reality.


With lots of fitness apps already in the marketplace, many of which do not deliver the results which they claim, our team thoroughly researched the market in order to pull together a development roadmap which would enable us to create something totally unique and deliver the best service for users.

  • Brand: how to succinctly convey our proposition
  • UX: many users report that they are frustrated by the interface design
  • Engagement: how to ensure the exercise journey flows naturally

Working closely together, Glen and our team decided that our approach should be to focus on what people want to do, not what they feel they have to. This ensured Your Fitness App would find its place comfortably in the fitness app world.

A website and social media profiles were created to start early promotion of the app and encourage feedback every step throughout its development.  We created the app itself using a combination of WordPress and Phonegap in order to provide greater flexibility and modular scalability.


We were able to fulfill the promise of helping users enjoy their bespoke nutrition and fitness program, at a fraction of the cost when compared to working with a personal trainer and/or dietitian.

Big plans lie ahead and we continue to work with Glen and Your Fitness App, contributing to the daily marketing of the app, including: content creation, SEO strategy, video production and much more.  Ultimately, we’re happy to have brought Glen’s vision to life and share his long term goal of empowering people globally to live healthier, longer lives.